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Digital Transformation with Document Management & Capture Automation

Posted by Hilliard Office Solutions on Apr 19, 2017 12:28:49 PM

According to a study done by Northwestern University, 2.5 exabytes of data are produced every day. To put that into perspective, 2.5 exabytes are equivalent to 530,000,000 million songs, 150,000,000 iPhones, 5 million laptops, 250,000 Libraries of Congress and 90 years of HD video. That is just in a single day!

enterprise content management-1.jpgIn today’s overload of information world, having the speed and accuracy to efficiently locate, edit, store and share documents – both paper and digital- makes all the difference.  However, end users don’t want software with multiple solutions to get these tasks complete. That is where document management and capture automation come into play. Document management and capture automation solutions have revamped their processes to surpass the standard process automation and workflow actions, with proven benefits that increase workplace efficiency. This fundamental shift in capture capabilities has encouraged more businesses and organizations to embody advanced capture workflow into the daily processes.

Document management is imperative for most because of the day-to-day paper trail that is involved with common business processes. In order to achieve a paperless office, document management and capture automation play a crucial role in getting you there. The real value comes into play when document management uses capture automation software to release documents into a filing system, create folder structures, capture and extract data, which in turn, leads to increased productivity and reduced costs.

One of the things that set document management and capture automation apart from other solutions is that they are all about the end game; because it is about making business information more vital to serve its daily role within company processes. It’s not just about capturing the documents as much as it is about the capturing the relevant data held in documents, and putting this information to use for speedily informed decision making.

By making information instantly available, it’s easy to expedite approvals and enable more proactive decision making. This allows companies to easily comply with audit regulations by quickly and seamlessly proving payments. Best of all, effective document management and capture automation, means that time previously spent on processing invoices and other documents  can be redirected to more meaningful work, maximizing productivity and improving collaboration.


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